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Students collaborate virtually, one-on-one or in small groups to make short form creative content focused on social causes important to them.


FFG (0) > FREE Course (1-2 Hours)

Our FREE course where you produce a short video testimonial on your smartphone.

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FFG (1) > (2-8 Hours)

Our 1 module course where you learn to make a video about a cause you are passionate about.

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FFG (16) > 16 Module (22-32 Hours)

A sixteen module curriculum about how to make short videos about the social causes you are passionate about.

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FFG (ProDev)

FFG (ProDev) is our educator training that enables professionals to lead our Filmmaking For Good Courses to students around the globe.

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FFG (Verify)

A service we offer to verify your completion of FFG (16) for Certified Community Service hours.

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